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Latest mastering projects June 2014

30 Jun 2014 , 10:05 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has been polishing off new projects for L.A production team 4e, Cairo Knife Fight, Pretty City, Super Zero Monkey, Jim Keays (R.I.P.), The Neighbourhood (now sold 2 million copies), Contagious, Clockwork, Dead Bear, Head Clouds, House of Honeys, Sunset Blush, and Lemonberry.

Adam Dempsey has been editing and mastering a live album from Xavier Rudd (mixed at Sing Sing by Simon Keet), and mastering releases from La Rumba, Jack On Fire, the long-awaited sophomore second album from post-rock instrumental trio The Boats, Bronwyn Rose, Freedom (formerly the Merri Creek Pickers), The Perfections, Damon Smith, Matt Glass, Dear Plastic, Big Smoke, Noah Earp, Smiles.Rifles, Tinsmoke and a Philemon/ZedEppelin remix.

Andrei Eremin broke out the resident Ampex ATR-102 for transfer of an experimental 2-track vinyl by Melbourne electronic act I’lls. The standard polish was given to new music from Oscar Key Sung & Guerre, Leisure Suite, SMILE, Lower Spectrum, JP Klipspringer, Naminé, Martin King and Telling, as well as remixes and promos from regulars Rat & Co and Milwaukee Banks.

Deluxe Mastering's Ampex ATR machine

Deluxe Mastering’s Ampex ATR-102 half-inch machine

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Seth Sentry goes Gold

12 Apr 2014 , 8:57 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Melbourne rapper Seth Sentry’s debut album ‘This Was Tomorrow’ has been accredited Gold status by ARIA – a rare, yet worthy feat for an independent release! Our congrats to Seth, his independent label High Score Records, and all involved with the album.

Nominated for a 2013 ARIA Award, ‘This Was Tomorrow’ was mixed by Phil Threlfall at The Base Studios, Melbourne, and mastered by Adam Dempsey (separately for CD, online, and 12 inch vinyl).

More: Seth Sentry’s Debut LP ‘This Was Tomorrow’ Achieves Gold Status

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Latest mastering projects March 2014

03 Apr 2014 , 12:07 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Mastering Session

With thanks to our recent clients and an amazing array of projects:

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has mastered new projects for Dallas Crane, Damn The Maps, Electro Mafia, King of the North (for CD and vinyl), Royston Vasie, N’fa (for vinyl), Cornershop Kids, The Neighbourhood, Ten Cent Pistols, and more.

The Jack the Bear Foundation has had a another very successful mastering drive. Thanks to clients’ generosity and support we managed to raise $800 for Free To Shine to help them with their amazing and dedicated work in helping combat sex trafficking.

Adam Dempsey has been mastering new releases for Dark Fair, Dear Plastic (both recorded and mixed at Head Gap), Demi Louise (engineered and mixed by Neil Gray), the second solo album from Nick Batterham (set for release via Popboomerang Records), jazz trio Harry Coulson’s Raindogs (engineered and mixed by Jez Giddings at Hot House), Al Parkinson, Emilee South (both tracked & mixed by Fraser Montgomery at The Aviary), Rising Tide (recorded & mixed by Myles Mumford), Emily Soon, Modesty, DD & The Damaged Goods, Taxidermy Hall (digital and 7 inch release), Buddha In A Chocolate Box, Colour For The Grey, Sienna Wild, Melbourne Guitar Quartet, and Daniel Champagne (engineered & mixed by Sam Hannan at The Alley).

Andrei Eremin has remastered a track by Japanese Wallpaper to feature in an upcoming film “Wish I Was Here” by Zach Braff, as well as new tunes by Rat & Co, Fractures, Klo, Martin King, Milwaukee Banks, House Of Laurence, Boats, The Ship Shape, DXHeaven and Return To Youth.

Demi Louise with Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering Melbourne

Adam Dempsey and Demi Louise mastering her single “Ruins”

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Hottest 100 2013

01 Feb 2014 , 16:15 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Video Clips

Our congrats to Chet Faker and to Sticky Fingers – both internationally voted into Triple J’s annual Hottest 100. Mastered by Andrei Eremin and Adam Dempsey, respectively.

Chet Faker - Melt (ft. Kilo Kish)


Sticky Fingers - Australia Street

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Latest mastering projects Dec 2013

28 Dec 2013 , 10:15 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

From all of us at Deluxe Mastering: a happy, safe, and musically prosperous new year and many thanks to all artists we’ve been privileged to work with this year.

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has put finishing touches to projects by Jeff Lang, Charles Jenkins, Jack Howard (from Hunters & Collectors), Voodoo Cain, Bonney Read, The Neighbourhood, Lizard Man, Creo, Insygnia, Tully on Tully and a cast of thousands…

Adam Dempsey has been mastering new releases for Kavisha Mazzella & Andy White, Lisa Salvo (engineered and mixed by Joe Talia), Taylor Project, Nick Batterham, Invisible Dears, Philemon, CactusDemonDoom, Glasfrosch, Yeo, Emily Soon, a solo album for Cat Canteri (of The Stillsons, engineered by Craig Pilkington), and more new music from Hoodlem.

Andrei Eremin has been immersed in more Melbourne electronica such as I’lls, an Oscar Key Sung bonus track, new Rat & Co, Leaks, Lower Spectrum, Shunya, Big Creature, DXHeaven, Alvy Singer and IO, as well as some good old fashioned metal by the likes of Sirens, Shadowgame and Yachtburner.

Adam’s tips of the year for DIY’ers:

  • • Simply allow yourself time to live with your mixes a bit prior to mastering (and certainly prior to booking your launch).
  • • Listen back freshly and carefully to your exported digital mixes, rather than just exporting and sending/uploading to mastering.
  • • If you’re releasing music independently in Australia and you’re not yet part of the AMRAP AirIt initiative (for national distribution to independent radio) get onto it!
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