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Mastering Projects August 2015

10 Oct 2015 , 10:50 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Podcasts, Video Clips

Amongst his public speaking commitments and Melbourne Real video podcasts with guests, Tony Jack the Bear Mantz has been mastering projects for Dave Mudie, 5 Way Addiction, The Dead Leaves, and The Feelers (including for vinyl).

Adam Dempsey‘s been hunkered down mastering for The Bon Scotts, Cabbages & Kings, Gene Veldhuisen, Lilly Tunley, Lucola Bang, Pockets, Taxidermy Hall, That Gold Street Sound (including for 7 inch vinyl), Fabien Toonen, Tom Lee-Richards, Zulya & The Children of the Underground (mixed by Myles Mumford), and Jane McArthur’s ongoing ’12 Months 12 Songs’ series.

Tiny Little Houses ‘Easy’ from their forthcoming EP ‘You Tore Out My Heart’, engineered, mixed & produced by Steven Schram, mastered by Adam Dempsey.

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Mastering Projects July 2015

22 Aug 2015 , 14:37 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Video Clips

Adam Dempsey‘s been mastering new releases for Broadway Sounds (remixed by Tim Shiel), Dear Plastic, Dreamcoat, Grand Pavilion, The Orbweavers, Sirens (UK), a remix for Eleanor Dunlop, the epic debut album for Mayfair Kytes, and digital and 7 inch vinyl releases for The Cactus Channel featuring Chet Faker, Frida, and The PutBacks – all out via Hope Street Recordings.

Andrei Eremin has found himself mastering international bonus tracks for Hiatus Kaiyote’s recent album, as well as new releases for Japanese Wallpaper, Fractures, Banoffee, Foreign/National, Milwaukee Banks, Leisure Suite, Golden Vessel, EMERSE, Martin King, Queen Magic and Anatole. Andrei also scored his first #1 record, with Charlie Lim’s Time/Space racing to the top of the Singaporean charts, plus new music video for ‘Anhedoniac’ from his debut EP ‘Pale Blue':

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Latest Mastering Projects May 2015

06 Jun 2015 , 12:03 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Jack the Bear has been working on projects for The Hunted Crows, Ghost Loft, Black Aces, Icecream Hands, Cairo Knife Fight, and Jeff Lang.

Adam Dempsey clocked up 20 years of being paid to listen to music, and has been busy mastering for Astro & The Ages, Cabbages & Kings, Chris Matthews (WA), Jane McArthur, Mayfair Kytes, Nick Batterham, Rich Davies, Sex On Toast, Simon Hudson, Taxidermy Hall, debut EP for Tiny Little Houses, a new single for Yeo, and remastering Lisa Salvo’s debut album (produced with Joe Talia and Peter Knight) for vinyl.

Andrei Eremin has found himself mastering debut records for Wafia, Singapore’s very own Charlie Lim, as well as tracks from LANKS, JP Klipspringer and even an EP of his own original music.

The team have also put a Dangerous Music BAX EQ through its paces and decided it’s a keeper.

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Latest Mastering Projects Nov 2014

04 Dec 2014 , 15:00 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has been keeping himself out of trouble mastering records for Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, Stella Angelico, US rapper Yah Supreme, British India, The Captives EP for vinyl (produced by Tom Larkin), Ghostloft, Cheeky Goose, Dave Wright, Chris Cavell, Soulenikoes, Weekend People, Kinetic, Ali Ferrier (produced by Jef Lang), American electronic outfit Watercolors, Let’s Not Pretend, amongst many others.

Adam Dempsey has been head down, ears up, mastering releases for Alma Mater, Amy Alex, Blackwood Jack, Cabbages and Kings, Crayon King, Emma Chalmers, Dreamcoat, Jimmy Dowling, The Guilts, Hey Frankie, Jukai Forest, Lisa Salvo, Mayfair Kytes, Pepperjack, Porcelain Pill, Raised By Eagles (for CD, digital & vinyl), Sleepy Dreamers, Simon Hudson, James Teague, Thelma Plum remixes, Tora (CD, digital & vinyl), Udays Tiger, Voix D’or, Yeo, and Youngs.

This time round Andrei Eremin has been busy mastering a Vevo special for Chet Faker, as well as new releases for Loon Lake, LUCIANBLOMKAMP, Rat & Co, I’lls, Klo, Montgomery, LANKS, Leaks, Kalacoma, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Tiger Choir, Wayfarer and many more. The vinyl resurgence is alive and well – at least a third of these specifically mastered for the medium.

Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering Melbourne

Adam Dempsey (photo by César Rodrigues)

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Latest mastering projects Sep 2014

05 Oct 2014 , 18:19 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Phew – an amazingly busy time, with thanks to our recent mastering clients and their diverse array of new releases:

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has been busy mastering projects for Slop Rock, Blind Munkee, Little Miss, My Old Dutch, Destroy She Said, Wikked Bliss, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, The Seven Ups, Andras Fox, Feedback Scars, Aerial, Luna Ghost, as well as getting ready to get his skydiving licence…

Adam Dempsey mastered releases for Olivers Army (engineered & mixed by Roger Bergodaz), post-rock trio Goodbye Enemy Airship (engineered & mixed by Neil Thomason at Head Gap), Tania Bosak & The Barefoot Orchestra (engineered & mixed by Myles Mumford), hip hop artist Bam Bam (mixed by Phil Threlfall), The Bon Scotts, Eleanor Dunlop, Jadida, James Parry, Ellen Burbidge, Chris Sprake, The Infants, vinyl remasters for CactusDemonDoom and winners of this year’s Australian Battle of the Bands Dear Plastic, a remix for Allday, and a Daktyl (UK) remix for Youngs (formerly I’ll Be An Indian).

Andrei Eremin has continued working on the upcoming Miami Horror record, as well as mastering a new single for recent triple J Unearthed High winner Japanese Wallpaper, a #1 Hype Machine hit by Brisbane singer-songwriter Wafia, and new music from Oisima, I’lls, Leaks, Foreign/National, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Stockades, Katie Wighton, Milwaukee Banks and more.

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