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The Bon Scotts 4 star review in Rolling Stone

12 Jan 2012 , 12:22 | Posted In All, Articles, Mastering Projects, Reviews

Our congrats to The Bon Scotts – the Melbourne “folk-pop” act scored a 4 star review in Rolling Stone magazine for their second album ‘We Will All Die at the Hands of CGI’ (or simply ‘WWADATHOCGI…’), mastered by Adam Dempsey and out on Popboomerang Records.

Also worth checking out is the album’s cover, designed by Circal – a modern day ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ depicting a bunch of identities reflected of our times.

The Bon Scotts' album review in Rolling Stone magazine, Dec 2011

The Bon Scotts’ album review in Rolling Stone magazine, Dec 2011.


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Dead Parties single of the week

28 Apr 2011 , 12:01 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Reviews

An integral part of Melbourne’s music scene street press, Beat Magazine staff scored Single of the Week to Dead Parties‘ debut single ‘In Dreams of Decadence’ – engineered by the band’s Etienne Mamo, mixed by Michael Badger (The Demon Parade) and mastered by Adam Dempsey.

“This is easily the best thing we’ve listened to yet. Really, really f**ing nice.” Read more here.

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Luluc latest USA review

31 Mar 2011 , 12:03 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Reviews

We congratulate Melbourne ex-pats Luluc on the latest review, by Peter Blackstock, of their beautifully warming 2008 album ‘Dear Hamlyn’ (engineered by Dave Manton and mastered by Adam Dempsey):

“Somewhere above the Southern United States, en route to Austin, Texas. Over the next five days, I’ll hear dozens of bands from all over the world perform at theaters, nightclubs, restaurants, galleries, beer gardens, parking lots, rooftops, pretty much anywhere a stage can be set up. Some will be artists I know and love; some will be musicians I’ve never heard before. Some will intrigue me, some will surprise me, some will repel me, some will make me want to hear more.

There’s only one thing I know for sure: Nothing I hear can possibly measure up to Dear Hamlyn, the debut album by an Australian duo who call themselves Luluc…”

“… Passing through my childhood neighborhood at 2 in the morning, serenaded by the epiphany of “I Found You,” it felt as if I had been waiting for this music all of my life.”

Read the review here.

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Latest Projects Feb 2011

21 Feb 2011 , 15:17 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Reviews

The new year for us at Deluxe Mastering feels like a hive of creative activity around the country and beyond. Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has been tweaking projects including Caught In The Crossfire, Nacional, Strobelight Summer, Shiznit Recordings, The Wonderland Project, Dirty Radio, German producer TAI, and an EP for local rockers A Better Place.

Check out the podcast on his philosophy of mastering at

Amidst taking his first break in years, Adam Dempsey’s been mastering projects for The Daniel Gassin Sextet (recorded by Robin Mai and mixed by Myles Mumford), The Harlots, Adam Cole with Adam Casey, Zac Brennan, Beth Knights (mixed by Roger Bergodaz), Totally Gourdgeous (with Penelope Swayles and Mal Webb), The Ovals (mixed by Michael Badger), Little Scout (Brisbane), James Parry (Hobart) and Owls of the Swamp (co-mixed by J. Walker and Andy Stewart).

Releases completed by Finn Keane include The Nok (NZ) and Strange Talk.

Also, congrats again to Tobias Cummings with the latest review for his album ‘A Trophy’, produced by Wez Prictor, Tobias & Tim Whitten, mixed by Wez, and mastered by Adam Dempsey for CD & 12″ vinyl LP:
“a fulfilling record that’s technically rounded and gorgeous in its delivery… its title indicative of the triumph that this record represents. It’s a good morning, a lullaby, a companion, a record to sit at the edge of your slipping consciousness… and a record you’re bound to fall for.” – Soulshine, Australian Independent Music.

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Releases receive rave reviews

08 Nov 2010 , 13:28 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Reviews

Releases from Tobias Cummings, Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos, and Way Out West…

Tobias Cummings ‘A Trophy’ (CD & 12″ LP) (Departed Sounds/Other Tongues), engineered by Wez Prictor and Tim Whitten, mastered by Adam Dempsey:
“Tobias Cummings is a fascinating prospect. The kind Melbourne specialises in producing; writers of tear-inducing potential million-sellers… it’s an evocative album that grows in quality with repeated listens… Cummings’ innate sense of melody, use of dynamics, masterful musicianship and deft sensitivity, it never feels anything less than buoyant.”Mess and Noise.

Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos ‘Walk This Ocean’ (Dust Devil Music), mastered by Tony Mantz:
“Whatever you’re looking for in a good song, Charles Jenkins and his Zhivagos have got it, in spades.”Beat magazine (see below).

Way Out West ‘Effects of Weather’ (Jazzhead), mixed by Myles Mumford, mastered by Adam Dempsey:
“The band… joins in the creation of brilliant, highly coloured, pleasing and adventurous music that is international and somehow Australian in feeling. Ten stars.”SIMA.

Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos album review

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