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Andrei Eremin

Having recently completed an Advanced Diploma in RMIT’s Sound Production course, you’d be mistaken to think Andrei can’t roll with the big boys of mastering. He discovered his passion for audio during his teens, embarking on self-producing an album of original compositions at age 16, featuring New York session drummer Charlie Zeleny. Armed with a 12-channel USB mixer and 2 improperly positioned studio monitors, the album was never finished as Andrei gradually realised what it took to make music sound good.

Spending much of 2010 honing his mixing skills both live and in the studio, 2011 saw Andrei develop an interest in mastering when his mixes fell sonically short of his favourite productions. With only his laptop at hand, he taught himself the processes of mastering – attaining clarity, depth, loudness and width – and worked on popular releases from Melbourne artists I’lls’ and The Thod.

Later in 2011, Andrei started his own personal record company – Eremin Record Co.. Inspired by how well releases such as I’lls’ ‘Thread EP’ and James Pasinis’ ‘I had been there before; I knew all about it’ turned out, the company was created to show that in today’s age of advanced digital technology, music can be produced on a shoestring budget and still compete with million dollar productions from the best of the world. Eremin’s first release, a bluegrass album entitled ‘Buck Creek Stud’ proved just that, taking just $500 to complete.

In fact, it was playing ‘Buck Creek Stud’ to Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz that landed Andrei a full-time position at Deluxe Mastering. Having now been unleashed onto the world of beautiful analog audio equipment, he has been hard at work, mastering 6 releases in the first two months of being on board. You can check out a complete list of Andrei’s production credits here, or see his mastering credits below.

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