Kris Beats

Starting out in his career at the age of 16 @ DMC records / Zero Tolerance Records in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia,  Kris started hanging around recording studios at a young age picking up early production techniques and analogue/digital gear knowledge that has helped propel him to many different areas of expertise in the Audio/Technology stratosphere.

Kris’ mixing experience and passion for music of all genres has attracted artists that are after a special edge to their sound. His specialties include Indie/Dance, Electronic, Dubstep and Hip-hop. He has mixed and produced releases for artists such as Isla Noir, Kara, Rydah, Adrain Swish, Toby Knox, Arielle, T-Rek, Dub Kay & Axleman, K9, Cotangent, KoJo, Emma Loretta and many more. Kris has also worked closely with various DJs, producers and artists to take their sound to the next level. Kris is continually involved in producing and recording his own music and sound designs on solo and co-op projects and recently completed a SYNC deal with NETFLIX producer ‘Spike Lee’ for his latest series “She’s Gotta Have it”

Currently operating at Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering in Brunswick in a Pristine purposely built facility designed by internationally acclaimed acoustic designer George Augspurger.