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CD and Vinyl Mastering Projects April 2012

09 May 2012 , 13:29 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

We’ve been getting the most out of the new Forssell Technologies MADA-2 analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters, which complement the existing Lavry Gold & Blue converters. If we had to describe them in a few words: sonically “invisible” and honest, again retaining the musicality and depth of clients’ music.

In terms of CD, vinyl and digital release mastering projects, those by Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz include Voodoocain, Little Wise, Emergency Rule, Jantina and the Jaguars, Mary of The Moon, Daniel Champagne, and David Garnham & The Reasons To Live.

Adam Dempsey has been mastering new music releases for Gossling, The Ovals, Playwrite, John Flanagan & the Begin Agains, Better Than the Wizards, Sam Lawrence, Avin Jason, Cavanagh & Argus, Andy Jans-Brown, Grizzly Jim Lawrie, a “half album” for The Harlots, plus 7 inch vinyl and digital releases each for Urns and The Morrisons.

Byron Scullin tweaked releases for T-Rek, Ainslie Wills, Jay Westerfold, Monnone Alone, and This is Your Captain Speaking.

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Congrats to The Neighbourhood The Orbweavers and The Fearless Vampire Killers

13 Feb 2012 , 15:01 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Video Clips

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate a few of our mastering clients over recent news:

The Neighbourhood, who’ve scored a deal with BBC1 in the UK and are getting quite a bit of airplay (and with an EP out in March); local lads The Fearless Vampire Killers, who’ve had their single ‘For You and Me’ featured on the comeback US tv series 90210 (their debut album Batmania is also due for limited release on 12 inch vinyl); and The Orbweavers, who garnered a special commendation in the running for the Australian Music Prize with their acclaimed second album ‘Loom’, and having played sell-out shows in Melbourne to mesmerised audiences.

Also, a word for Owl Eyes & Gossling who did well in Triple J radio’s Hottest 100 as voted by listeners.

Once again – the team at Deluxe Mastering Melbourne thanks all of our valued clients for the music making…

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CD and Vinyl Mastering Projects Dec 2011 and Happy New Year

23 Dec 2011 , 16:42 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

To all of our amazing mastering clients & music makers who have given us the opportunity to serve them… we look forward to rinsing and repeating in 2012. Merry Xmas and a healthy, happy, safe & prosperous 2012 to you all – from the whole team here at Deluxe Mastering.

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has had a busy time putting the final lustre on projects for the Dirty Three’s latest album with bonus tracks, as well as Canadian rockers Bel Riose, Hex, hip hop outfit EMR, Secret Tsumani, Shadowgame, Deja, Ash Grundwald’s new sideline project, 46 Clicks, Garcon Garcon, James fRew, Bankrupt Billionaires, Ben Taylor, The Freakz Of The Nature, dance releases for US based Royal One Records, Planet Jumpers’ new EP, debut EP for Sunny Days, new single for ELEMENOP,  new releases for Haul Records, vinyl releases for Bunny Munroe, Bitter Sweet Kicks, and a live DVD for Engine Three Seven (mixed by Sam Hannan).

Projects mastered by Adam Dempsey include new & upcoming releases for Jimmy Dowling, Adam Eaton (both mixed by Roger Bergodaz), Pony Face (mixed by Casey Rice), Playwrite (mixed by Neil Thomason at Head Gap), Sons of Messengers, The Pirates, Taylor Project, Blue Shaddy, Tom Strode, The String Contingent, Mr Jimmy, Andy Jans-Brown (mixed by Sam Hannan), Vague Cuts (mixed by Jez Giddings at Hothouse), Nick Muir, Selwyn Cozens for CD and 12 inch vinyl, The Teskey Brothers, new mixes for British India, and this year’s NMIT songwriters’ compilation, part co-produced by Greg Arnold.

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CD Mastering Projects May 2011

01 Jun 2011 , 13:16 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Following on from decades of CD Mastering in Melbourne, the current Deluxe Mastering studios recently marked five years in operation. How did we celebrate? By remaining bunkered down at “work”, mastering and relishing more great music:

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz has been keeping out of trouble mastering releases for Ganga Giri, Matt Van Schie, Feenipawl, Tonite Only, Matt Sonic, Dinkybike, The Scarlets, Kid Kenobi, Bass Kleph, Cave Of The Swallows, Dead Lovers Lane, Josh Raffaut, Polar Nation, Dead City Ruins, PurEnvy, Jane Walker, The Latency (Canada), Polar Nation, Delta Riggs, P’nau, Choose Mics, Radio Ink, Syntax, The Villains Lair, The Once Overs, Jump Jump Dance Dance, Itch-E & Scratch-E, Pretty Dulcie, David Cosma, fRew, The Exchange (USA), and James Harcourt (UK).

Projects mastered by Adam Dempsey include the new ‘Raiders’ single and EP for Owl Eyes mixed by Jan Skubiszewski (Jackson Jackson, Kate Vigo, and including bass by Jet’s Mark Wilson), Dead Parties (Etienne Mamo of The New Black, and mixed by Michael Badger of the Demon Parade), albums for The Fearless Vampire Killers (engineered by Michael Badger at Soundpark), Vague Cuts (engineered by Jez at Hothouse), Residual (Peter Knight and Dung Nguyen of Way Out West), Mushroom Horse, Fixed Error, debut album of thick guitar pop tones from Drawing Arcs (recorded and mixed by Brent Punshon at Head Gap), 7 inch singles for Raoul McLay, and EP’s for Hyfrydol and Indigo & the Bear (engineered by Dave McCluney at Atlantis Sound).

Thanks to all who’ve been part of our services over the past five years, having us play a role in their releases. Here’s to many more years of great music ahead, continuing to deliver the best in audio mastering service and experience with a musical sensitivity at competitive, all-inclusive rates.

For all your CD mastering, online mastering or vinyl mastering needs, simply call us on +61 (3) 9386 6698 or contact us online here.

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Deluxe Mastering celebrates five years

12 May 2011 , 11:43 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Following decades of experience in audio mastering, we’re proud to mark five years of operation for the Deluxe Mastering facility here in Brunswick.

It’s been a full gamut of projects: from spoken word to contemporary jazz, hip-hop to country, dance music to classical, folk to rock, and for CD, online and vinyl. We aim to bring many more years of service-focused, no-compromise mastering and we thank our valued clients – the goosebump makers – past, present and future, for having us play a final role in their releases.

– Tony “Jack the Bear’ Mantz, Adam Dempsey, Byron Scullin & Finn Keane.

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