Tom Beard

Tom Beard is a dedicated engineer who finds satisfaction in joining and fulfilling the dream imagined by an artist.
His pathway begins with a pool of musical knowledge gathered from a young age and a sensitive ear for detail, given substance by a wealth of experience producing music in a broad range of genres.

Mentored in mastering by Tony’Jack the Bear’ Mantz, Tom has worked worked on several large projects including acts such as: Ghost Loft, MXXWLL, The Quarters, Captives, Charlie Threads, Boy Graduate, DEX, ZIBE, Stefan Hauk and many more. As shown by the acts mentioned above, Tom has worked on a wide range of different genres spanning from Hip Hop to Rock & Roll, Techno to Pop.

Toms dedication to the fine art of audio mastering is shown in his works where he achieves an outcome of the highest quality while working closely with his clients on their project, and understanding the common goal of maximising a listener’s sonic experience.

Contact him for rates and other info!
– +61 412 426 672

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