How to send in your track

Regardless of whether you’re a major or independent label, signed or unsigned artist, we’re here to serve you with equal care and attention.

We’d like to extend a friendly invitation to make an appointment to come in or to send in a mix for an obligation-free consultation ahead of your audio mastering session.

What format your mixes need to be:

The preferred digital format is 24 bit wav or aif files at whatever your existing session sample rate (ie, don’t change that), with no added fades/limiting/normalizing/maximizing or 16 bit dither, and supplied on data disc (CD-R or DVD-R), USB or Firewire hard drive, or upload (below).

To avoid confusion, please name your mix files with their intended track number, title and mix version, if applicable. Example: 07_TrackTitle_vocalup.wav.

Please listen back to your exported mix files prior to sending them for mastering.

Submit Online

Submitting a track is easy! Simply upload via Dropbox or click the button below to send us your tracks to

Mail Submission

If you’re experiencing problems uploading please contact us or feel free to mail your tracks on data CD or DVD to the following address:

Deluxe Mastering
4/29 Tinning St
Brunswick, VIC, Australia 3056

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