Below are selected testimonials from clients of mastering engineers Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz and Adam Dempsey.

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz

“Tony’s great to deal with and turns stuff around really quickly, and always does a great job. Love your work, Tony!”

Ash Grunwald

“I can highly recommend Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering. Every mastering project I’ve done with Jack (including Dirty Three’s most recent release ‘Toward The Low Sun’) has turned out better than I could have imagined. Definitely world class mastering!”

Mick Turner (Dirty Three)


“Outstanding quality of service – always finds that sweet spot between loudness and dynamic range, while perfectly retaining the original sonic character of the mixdown. Highly recommended!”

Steve Young AKA Hedflux UK

“We have worked with Jack for many years now and have used his mastering services on all of our recordings to date, including our recently released debut album ‘Squalls’.

Mastering is a dark art, it’s very hard to see and hear the magic happening when you are in the room, but when the process is complete the difference is startlingly clear. Things become lifted, polished, complete. With Jack at the desk we have felt supremely confident that the outcome would always be the finest polish and clarity added to a rough cut diamond. We have never been let down.

Adding to his renown as one of the best in the industry is the fact that Jack is a great person to be around. To us, this is a big part of selecting people to work with. He is welcoming, accommodating and it has been a great joy to have worked with him over the last five years.”

Katie Scott (Howl at the Moon)

Sarah McLeod

“Jack The Bear is the king, his mastering is second to none, especially for the bangin’ dance stuff… he’s a bloody good bloke as well, they don’t make ’em like him anymore. In a nutshell, I’m rather fond of him. :)”

Sarah McLeod

“Nothing takes my music to the next level like Jack The Bear & Deluxe mastering! Not only does his mastering make me smile each time I hear it, but he’s fast, professional, and always a pleasure to work with!”

Stuart Tyson, AKA Bass Kleph

Jeff Lang

“Jack The Bear at Deluxe Mastering is the guy I use for all of my mastering. He’s all about the TONE!”

Jeff Lang

“Tony ‘Jack the Bear’ Mantz is a larger than life figure, blessed with the ability to put you immediately at ease with his warmth and his charm. He’s good company, he’s enjoyable to be around, and he gets a great sound.

Of equal importance is the fact that he won’t let me leave that beautiful studio of his until I am happy. Countless times I’ve gone back to him, with ridiculous requests, “can we make that gap 3 seconds instead of 5!”, or “I think I need to change the sequence again Tony!” or ” can I go and listen to this in the car, mate?”, or “can we squeeze more bass/lead vocal/guitars etc. out of this mix, Tony?”. Nothing is too small for Tony, nothing is too hard. Such is his commitment to the musicians that walk into his studio, that I recommend him to everyone.”

Charles Jenkins

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Jack The Bear’s Deluxe Mastering. Not only have I received nothing but top quality work, but Tony gladly provides feedback. He is passionate and personable so you feel that your business is truly appreciated.”

Robb G (Promo Records) Canada

Planet Jumper

“Deluxe Mastering has provided us with a high quality product and an outstanding level of service. We have felt very welcome and comfortable throughout the mastering process and have been extremely happy with the standard of work for both vinyl and digital formats. We will definitely be returning in the future…”

Planet Jumper

“In today’s competitive music industry, Jack The Bear’s work shines through. The results speak for themselves and I would recommend them to anyone who wants that ultimate finishing touch on a track of any genre. It’s hard to find a mastering engineer this versatile!”


“Tony always works hard to make my mixes sound great. He is an integral part of my production process.”

Justyn Pilbrow (ELEMENOP, The Neighbourhood, Daniel Merriweather)


Adam Dempsey

“Woah Adam, I don’t know how you do it. Everything is clear as a bell! And they sound so great next to each other. The bass sounds EPIC. The whole track has such dimension to it. Thanks heaps mate, couldn’t wish for anything better.”


“The simple difference with Deluxe is that Tony and Adam understand that each artist is unique and they approach each album that way, involving the artist in every decision. They support the artists they work with and become part of the team. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”

Lloyd Spiegel

“I’m confident my recordings are always going to be mastered well with Adam Dempsey. The sound is balanced, clean and world class.”

Helen Croome (Gossling)

“Hi Adam, thanks again, you actually saved my recording man… you really did! All my concerns and uneasiness has been lifted. May sound like I’m being a little over the top, but that’s really how I feel man. Much Respect!”

Matt Walker

“Nestled in the heart of Brunswick, Deluxe is everything a good mastering facility should be. Good tea, some sexy guitars and a studio that sounds mint. Adam has a great ear, a real commitment to the local music scene and was brilliant with following up and making sure I was satisfied with the job.”

Jen Cloher

“Thank you for all your work, dedication and care. All of my clients have been very happy with the outcomes and many speak very highly of their experience with you. I am always comfortable sending clients off to you because not only is your work excellent but you treat them very well and they always come back happy.”

Myles Mumford (Producer & Engineer)

“We have worked with Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering on five releases. Adam’s audio engineering expertise, care and professionalism, coupled with the excellently designed and appointed studio at Jack The Bear make for an excellent mastering and listening experience. We really enjoy working with Adam Dempsey and highly recommend his mastering work.”

The Orbweavers

“You’re a legend. Can’t wait to master the new tracks. You’re like our mastering guardian. Melbourne is lucky to have you.”

Lisa Salvo

“The master is brilliant! Thank you for a great day. Your professionalism, generosity, care and calming influence is appreciated!”

Kavisha Mazzella

“I have employed Adam as mastering engineer on five albums now and have always been really happy with his work. He has great ears, great skills and a really broad range of experience that he brings to his work. I recommend Adam without reservation.”

Peter Knight

“Wow, they sound great! Thanks so much. You’re definitely the best mastering engineer I’ve worked with. Cheers.”

Eleanor Dunlop

“Totally stoked with the finished product Adam, love the way you guys work too… I’m sure I’ll see you again down at Deluxe!”

Jim Lawrie

“Adam, I’m absolutely blown away with what you’ve done with those tracks. They sound fuller, punchier, somehow while retaining a nice crisp top end. I honestly don’t know how you did it. I think the best way I can put it is that now they sound like they always have in my head. The texture of the tracks actually sounds different also, as though it has more character about it. All in all I just couldn’t more pleased with the results. Once again a massive thank you for what you’ve done there, I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve heard.”

Nic Muir


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    James Butler
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