CD Mastering

Professional CD mastering is about bringing a cohesion and flow to your project via the experience, objectivity and full range, accurate monitoring it deserves at the mastering stage, as well as quality control for your CD Master.

At Jack The Bear’s we bring a service focus and musical sensitivity to your project, combining experience in all genres, including award-winning releases.

Remember – your music gets only one chance to make a first impression.

We work weekends and evenings when required and offer wireless internet and a fully equipped kitchen for your use (and organic, Fairtrade coffee), along with competitive all-inclusive mastering rates. Your CD Master can be supplied on CD-R or sent electronically as a DDP Image.

Preferred mix formats:

Digital: 24 bit wav or aif audio files at whatever your mix session’s existing sample rate, with no added fades/limiting/normalizing/maximizing or 16bit dither, and supplied on data disc (CD-R or DVD-R), USB or Firewire hard drive, or via upload). Peak level should be several dB below digital full scale.

To avoid confusion, please name each audio file with intended track number, title and mix version if applicable. Example: 07_TrackTitle_vocalup.wav

Analogue: 1/2 inch 2-track tape with reference tones at 100Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz (ideally also at 40Hz).

Please always listen back to your exported mix files prior to sending or bringing them in for CD mastering.

For more details see our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply contact us.

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