Here at Deluxe we host 2 different workshops to serve the music community

Run over 3 consecutive weeks, Tony facilitates group mentoring sessions which hold a maximum of 6 participants. Each week runs for a bit over 2 hours.
They are conducted in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment, where confidentiality is guaranteed. 
The opening session provides each person the opportunity to share where they are at in their current life / career, with a chance to express where they would ideally like to be, as well as looking at what they would like to change
We look at the blockage(s) that are not allowing them to either get a start or get out of their rut.
The information shared  also helps participants get a better understanding on how their minds work and more importantly offers strategies as to how they can change their thinking, so better outcomes can be achieved.
Each week tasks are set to encourage people to make the important first steps to hopefully making better life choices.
Everybody is encouraged to participate in an open dialogue and not just write down notes. 
The best way to help is by helping others. Previous mentees found this dynamic instrumental in assisting them. Wonderful friendships were formed that still endure to this day.
The 3 week course is not meant to be the panacea, neither does it claim to fix everything. It does promise (providing the work is done), to provide a catalyst that will take people on a different trajectory. In turn this trajectory may give people the tools necessary to make better decisions.
Cost is $440.00 GST inc
Here at Deluxe we offer an intensive 3 hour workshop. It is designed for those who either maybe thinking about performing mastering, to improve the sound of their own productions, or in order to set up their own service.
Basic audio knowledge is recommended.
Some of the topics we cover include.
* Basic mastering principles and a quick history of mastering and how it evolved from it’s inception to the current day.
* Talk about the tools used in mastering and how they work.
* Analogue and digital mastering.
* Signal path and workflow.
* How a session works starting from the initial client enquiry right through to delivery of the final product.
* We do an actual commercial mastering job, explaining every step of the process, so participants can see / hear what and why things are being done.
* Mastering for CD, Vinyl and looking at the new and ever-changing world of digital and streaming platforms.
* Setting up of a template that is transferable to any DAW on the market.
* Exercises to take home to help build listening and mastering techniques.
* Q&A session after the workshop which includes some mentoring around building a mastering business.
We invite participants to bring their tracks in to be heard in our room, so they can hear how their mixes / masters sound and be offered constructive input as to how they can be improved.
Lunch and refreshments are served. Any dietary requirements or preferences will be catered for provided we receive a minimum 48hrs notice.
Cost: $385.00 inc GST


“Jack The Bear has been a mentor of mine for the past 2 years. He has helped provide me with the guidance and confidence that one needs in such a volatile industry which has allowed me to progress and move forward at an accelerated pace! Having a music industry professional of 30+ years experience have my back has encouraged me to make necessary bold and risky decisions allowing me to find my place and voice in the noisy and chaotic world of music. I look forward to many years of guidance and friendship with Jack The Bear and I certainly plan on, “Paying It Forward” with other hopeful creatives in years to come. Thanks for your support and being a mate when times are tough.”
Spike Leo –

“This year I had an amazing opportunity to be involved in a mentoring group under Tony, and have firsthand discussion an advice amongst both Tony& my peers in the group. After six weeks of group discussion, I found new inspiration in both myself and my desire to continue the pursuit in the music industry. Tony is a sage of wisdom & guidance, and I can not recommend highly enough to get involved and be a part of a mentoring group, or even just to talk with him.

My path is clearer now, and I encourage others to seek out theirs.

Zak Knight – Monolith Studios –
“Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz….Where the fuck do I begin. Tony has been mentoring me for the past 3 years and remains to play a large role in my development in the music industry. He was the first ‘industry heavyweight’ that really showed faith in me. I first met him whilst I was studying at NMIT (now Melbourne Polytechnic) and he came to do a talk to the students. After the talk I approached him and gave him my latest mixtape, not really expecting too much. Fast forward 18 months and I received a phone-call that still remains one of the most important moments of my life. It was Tony, he said that he had followed my journey for the past year, and would like to be my mentor for the next 12 months. 3 years later he still remains a huge part of my life, and there is no-one else that I would call when I need advice. The support and guidance that he has extended to me has been nothing short of amazing. Having his support gives me the confidence that allows me to keep moving forward, and really does mean more to me than he may ever realise. ”
Bennett Ferguson – Marshall Street Studios