Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz is owner and founder of Deluxe Mastering. He has had over 35 years working in many facets of the music business both here and overseas, but found his niche in mastering. Tony or (Jack) as he is also known, was trained in vinyl mastering at the famous Frankford Wayne Labs in NYC.

This was the training ground for such luminaries as the late great Tom Coyne and Herb Powers. For decades now Tony has mastered for many of Australia’s top artists along with a few internationals that have notched up Gold & Platinum awards. It’s this expertise along side his commitment to excellent customer service that will make your mastering experience a smooth one.

Aside from mastering, Tony is also doing the rounds on the public speaking circuit to schools and organisations about his journey in the music industry.

During these talks he shares his profound life lessons in music and life that have have shaped him today. Tony’s hope is to inspire others, to pursue their dreams in life. Should you wish to book Tony for a mastering session or talk please direct all enquiries to

Tony also hosts the Mastering Music Mastering Life podcast, where he has in-depth and engaging conversations with music industry heavy weights in all matters of music and life.
He looks forward to taking care of you.