Online Release Mastering

We can take care of your audio mastering for online release at the time of your CD mastering session and supply you with the format you require (note: many sites, such as SoundCloud, stream audio at reduced mp3 quality, while if you to make your tracks downloadable this will be at whichever format you upload, such as CD quality wav files or, better still, lossless FLAC from the high-resolution 24 bit/native sample rate mastered files).

Other notable popular online music sites include Bandcamp and ReverbNation.

For making your music purchasable online (such as the iTunes store) each of your tracks, including each version or mix of a track, will need an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code). In Australia these are overseen by ARIA – the Australian Recording Industry Association. For ISRC information, see here.

If you have your ISRCs allocated at the time of your mastering session, it’s no problem for us to embed them into your Production Master and, hence, your replicated CDs.


  • Hey there. We’ve had one 3 track EP mastered by you in the past and are looking at releasing a re-recorded version of one of the songs for digital release only. Just getting an idea of the cost for the one song mastering.
    Mob. 0431 461 046
    Band: The Argotiers

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