The Equipment

CD Mastering Engineers

George Augspurger, Perception Inc, LA

Power conditioning:
Cawsey Fine Audio Equipment and Services

Duntech Regents (modified)
Legend twin subwoofers

Hypex UcD700HG (Class D)
Audio-gd Phoenix

Manley Labs custom mastering console

Pro-Tools HD
Izotope RX Advanced
Sonoris DDP Creator Pro

Sontec MES-432C (original)
Sontec MES-462C9 (original)
Millennia Media NSEQ-F (Fred
Forssell modified)
Manley Massive Passive tube EQ (modified)
API 550m (modified and 1/2 dB steps)
Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Dynamics processors:
Vertigo VSC-2 (quad discrete VCA compressor)
Cranesong STC-8
Manley Vari-Mu with custom M/S option
Chandler LTD-2’s (mastering modified pair)

Converters and digital processors:
Lavry Engineering Gold AD122-MK III
Lavry Engineering Gold DA924
Lavry Engineering Blue 4496 DA x2
Forssell Technologies MADA-2a
Cranesong HEDD 192
Waves L2 Ultramaximizer hardware (48bit/96k)
Waves plug-ins
FabFilter plug-ins
Sonnox plug-ins

Sony CDP-X3000 pro CD deck
Michell Engineering Gyro Dec turntable

Ears and vibe:
Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz, Adam Dempsey, Andrei Eremin and Byron Scullin

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