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Download Sarah McLeod track for Youth Off The Streets

29 Nov 2010 , 17:48 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Video Clips

We’re proud to be involved with a new version and remixes of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In the Dark’ by Sarah McLeod for Youth Off The Streets, mastered by Jack the Bear.

See the short video below and download the track on iTunes here. All proceeds from now until Christmas go to Youth Off The Streets.

“Hi I’m Sarah McLeod

I am asking for your help.

Did you know that in Australia there are over 6,300 reports of child abuse each week?

That’s 340,000 reports each year. That’s the equivalent of three kids suffering abuse in every classroom in our country. These kids could be your friends at school, In your children’s classroom or a girl or boy you pass on the street.

I’ve recorded a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’.

From today through to Christmas I will be donating the proceeds of each download to helping these kids. Ministry of Sound and VDG will financially match my donation.

I can’t do this alone though and so I am asking for you to please help me.

Click here to download the single or the “gifting” option. It’s $1.69.

Your downloads will help provide services ranging from meals, through to somewhere to sleep at night and the opportunity to have an education.

To break it down – giving them a second chance at a better life.

$1.69. One download can’t do much, but together if we all take this action we can show these kids that they are not alone, specially at Christmas.

Please help me help them.”

– Sarah

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November update

24 Nov 2010 , 13:47 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Adam’s back from checking out the Face the Music conference run by our friends at The Push (we’re proud to have worked on their compilations), and the standards are surely being raised for our burgeoning scene of music makers. Quote of the conference came from our friend and client Charles Jenkins on the traps and trappings of the music biz: “Make every release a masterpiece”. We couldn’t have put it better.

All geared for summer, just some of Jack’s latest projects include Jessica Mauboy, Sarah McCleod and Mesere, while Adam’s been finishing off the upcoming second album for Plastic Palace Alice and projects for The Sand Pebbles (7 inch), New Saxons (Tas) and a mix for Amy Meredith.

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Releases receive rave reviews

08 Nov 2010 , 13:28 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects, Reviews

Releases from Tobias Cummings, Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos, and Way Out West…

Tobias Cummings ‘A Trophy’ (CD & 12″ LP) (Departed Sounds/Other Tongues), engineered by Wez Prictor and Tim Whitten, mastered by Adam Dempsey:
“Tobias Cummings is a fascinating prospect. The kind Melbourne specialises in producing; writers of tear-inducing potential million-sellers… it’s an evocative album that grows in quality with repeated listens… Cummings’ innate sense of melody, use of dynamics, masterful musicianship and deft sensitivity, it never feels anything less than buoyant.”Mess and Noise.

Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos ‘Walk This Ocean’ (Dust Devil Music), mastered by Tony Mantz:
“Whatever you’re looking for in a good song, Charles Jenkins and his Zhivagos have got it, in spades.”Beat magazine (see below).

Way Out West ‘Effects of Weather’ (Jazzhead), mixed by Myles Mumford, mastered by Adam Dempsey:
“The band… joins in the creation of brilliant, highly coloured, pleasing and adventurous music that is international and somehow Australian in feeling. Ten stars.”SIMA.

Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos album review

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