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Latest Mastering Projects May 2015

06 Jun 2015 , 12:03 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Jack the Bear has been working on projects for The Hunted Crows, Ghost Loft, Black Aces, Icecream Hands, Cairo Knife Fight, and Jeff Lang.

Adam Dempsey clocked up 20 years of being paid to listen to music, and has been busy mastering for Astro & The Ages, Cabbages & Kings, Chris Matthews (WA), Jane McArthur, Mayfair Kytes, Nick Batterham, Rich Davies, Sex On Toast, Simon Hudson, Taxidermy Hall, debut EP for Tiny Little Houses, a new single for Yeo, and remastering Lisa Salvo’s debut album (produced with Joe Talia and Peter Knight) for vinyl.

Andrei Eremin has found himself mastering debut records for Wafia, Singapore’s very own Charlie Lim, as well as tracks from LANKS, JP Klipspringer and even an EP of his own original music.

The team have also put a Dangerous Music BAX EQ through its paces and decided it’s a keeper.

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Latest mastering projects October 2013

02 Dec 2013 , 18:25 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz kept himself off the streets mastering albums for King Of The North, Hive Park (mixed by Jimi Maroudas), New Gods, Dirtland, Seven Hurtz, Torch The Village and Last Mistress as well as EPs and singles for My Pirahna, Rich Davies, Electro Mafia, Lizard Man, ALTA, Lemonberry, EC Twins, The Bellastrades and The Black Alley, as well as continuing to raise funds for charity through The Jack the Bear Foundation.

Adam Dempsey mastered new releases for Matt Walker & The Lost Ragas, Yeo, Dear Plastic, The Dark Fair, Blin (produced with Matt Walker), Al Parkinson, Buddha In A Chocolate Box (both engineered by Fraser Montgomery at The Aviary studios), I’ll Be An Indian – lucky winners of Triple R’s Radiothon band prize, and compiling parts for Loon Lake’s latest album. Also, a shout out to Seth Sentry, mix engineer Phil Threlfall and all involved in Seth’s album “This Was Tomorrow” – ARIA Award nominated for Best Urban Album, as well as taking the gong for Best Independent Hip Hop Album at the Australian Independent Music Awards!

Andrei Eremin mastered projects for Oscar Key Sung, Fractures, Ben Wright Smith, Japanese Wallpaper, Luskin, Sons et al. and House Of Laurence.

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Latest mastering projects Dec-Jan

30 Jan 2013 , 16:36 | Posted In All, Mastering Projects

We thought we’d recap on a diverse array of recent mastering projects, as many of us hit the ground running again this year. No Top 10, 50 or 100 of 2012 here. (Like that would be possible anyway).

Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz has mastered releases for Eddie Bravo, The Big City, Captcha, Peking Duk, Electro Mafia, Waking Eden, Ben Caruso, DJ Rubz & Sherlock, Rattlin Cain, Anna Johnson and finishing off Dirty Three’s Mick Turner’s solo album. He has also started The Jack the Bear Foundation, offering mastering for a donation one day a month, with 100% of proceeds in aid of various charities.

Getting the analogue mastering treatment with Adam Dempsey: an album for vinyl release from Matt Bailey (The Paradise Motel) produced by Brent Punshon at Head Gap, two albums for acclaimed jazz saxophonist and clarinetist Adam Simmons’ Origami trio engineered and mixed by Myles Mumford, also The Pierce Brothers engineered and mixed by Fraser Montgomery at The Aviary, The String Contingent, and Melbourne funk/soul artist and producer Dru Chen.

Andrei “Ony” Eremin mastered releases for The Honey Badgers, Brightly, Rat & Co and House of Laurence.

Best wishes to all of our valued clients for a healthy, happy and musically abundant year ahead.

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The Raging Headfest Podcast Ep13

05 Sep 2012 , 8:58 | Posted In All, Podcasts

We’re fortunate to be joined by producer/engineer Glenn Scott for Raging Headfest Podcast episode 13.

Glenn Scott, of The Wick studios, Melbourne, joins Jack the Bear, Sam Hannan and Adam Dempsey, sharing his overcoming of personal demons and how it has helped shape his music production for the better.

We talk of what it means to really commit to battling such challenges, and onto music recording, mixing and mastering techniques – we aim to have Glenn in as a regular guest as there’s a lot of ground to cover!

Check out Glenn’s blog of his journey here. Thanks again, Glenn!

(disclaimer: no content is to be construed as professional medical advice).

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The Raging Headfest Podcast Ep12

22 Aug 2012 , 11:39 | Posted In All, Podcasts

Producer Steve James joins Sam Hannan and Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz on The Alley studio couch for Raging Headfest podcast episode 12, chatting recent studio projects, old formats, and lifting the lid on making great records.

With some of Steve’s credits including Monty Python’s Life of Brian, The Rutles, Cold Chisel, Screaming Jets, Mental As Anything, and Brian Cadd, Steve’s only happy to share his experience on the role of music producer and in getting the most out of recording studio performances – even the “old skool” method of recording in complete takes!

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